Aerocool Cog 2g


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High-performance thermal paste specially designed for overclocking or gaming PCs. Comes with 2g thermal paste that’s easy to apply and perfectly fills the space between your cooler and CPU. Nanotechnology in the paste improves heat conduction via its micro molecules. Made with non-electric conductive materials, this thermal paste is completely safe to use. Comes with a spreader for quick and easy application.

  • Resealable storage bag for convenient usage and storage
  • Highly durable for long-lasting use of up to 8 years
  • High viscosity allows for easy application
  • Nanotechnology improves heat conduction
  • Non-electric conductive materials ensure safe usage
  • Low evaporation point and high temperature tolerance
  • Spreader allows for quick and easy application
  • Comes with 2 grams of thermal paste

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