Over the last few years, the RT Christmas Savings Club has help customers get an early start on Christmas.  Offering a chance to select the goods, put a deposit down and pay it off before collecting at Christmas – with no extra fees attached.

How does it work?

Its as easy as 123

  1. Come instore, have a chat and we will help you pick the right product
  2. Read and Sign the Terms and Conditions then Pay Deposit
  3. Pay any amount off at anytime, until paid off – then collect

Savings Club Terms and Conditions

  • A minimum non-refundable deposit of £100 / 10% (whatever is higher) to start your account.
  • After initial deposit is paid, or if no payment is made within a 2-month period we will contact you to remind you. If no payment one month after that (totalling 3 months) – Your order will be cancelled and no refund will be given.
  • You can pay as often as you like in-store with cash or card. Online via a payment link or BACS.
  • Gaming PC’s / Hardware can only be collected after the final payment is received.
  • Christmas / Saving Club items are not included in any discount or special offers.
  • Warranties commence as soon as the goods are collected. If you want to leave the machine with us until nearer Christmas to maximise warranty this is fine.
  • It is recommended you pay the final amount as early as possible if you want it in time for Christmas.
  • You have to 5 working days from sign up to cancel the savings account and get your money back minus the deposit.