Genius NX-7000 Wireless Blue


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Great for either hand
The contoured shape feels great in either hand and gives you maximum comfort for all-day use.
Create a mouse by adjusting DPI levels and other performance settings with your preference.
Track on almost any surface
NX-7000 uses 1000dpi BlueEye technology providing amazing tracking accuracy and is surface-friendly so you can use it on almost any surface, such as dusted or marble glass, a sofa or even on the carpet.
Pico receiver storage
When you are on the go, you can store the receiver in the bottom of the mouse.
Unify your Genius mice
You can use NX-7000 receiver to work with other Genius wireless mice for more mobility. No more worries if you lose a receiver from one of Genius wireless mice in the future.
1200 DPI
RF Frequency
2.4 GHz
Number of Buttons
3 (left, right, middle button with scroll)
Ocean Blue